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The Future of Marketing is an exciting new event designed by marketing professionals, for marketing professionals.

The speed of technological change, the speed of global development, the floods of data now at our fingertips and our insatiable appetite for more has created a marketing landscape full of opportunity.

But with this opportunity comes a huge challenge.

How do we structure our teams?

How do we define & measure success?

How we do we move from a tactical focus to the strategic focus that will see marketing take its seat at the boardroom table?

If these questions and challenges are your questions and challenges then The Future of Marketing is the event for you.


Our content has been curated under 7 themes:

Fiona Rooney Future of Data

The Future of Data:

Fiona Rooney

Managing Director

Ipsos MORI


Andi Jarvis Future of Marketing Teams

The Future of Marketing Teams

Andi Jarvis


Eximo Marketing

& Wifi Refugees

Paul James Future of Customer Experience

The Future of Customer Experience:

Paul James

Project Director

Chatmore 24/7

Ardmore Advertising

Peter Craven Future of Video Marketing

The Future of Video Marketing:

Peter Craven


BlueSky Video Marketing

& The Future of Marketing

Michael Carlin the Future of Automation

The Future of Automation:

Michael Carlin

Founder & CEO



Michelle Canning The Future of PR

The Future of Public Relations:

Michelle Canning

Head of PR  

NI Housing Executive

CIPR Member & Accredited Practitioner

Eileen Mullan Tedx Future of Boardrooms

The Future of Boardrooms:

Eileen Mullan

TedX Speaker

Founder of Boardroom Apprentice

Founder of Strictly Boardroom

Mark Kelso The Future of Customer Experience

The Future of Customer Experience

Mark Kelso

Founding Director

Shopify Expert

Glaze Digital

Carol Magill The Future of Boardrooms

The Future of Boardrooms:

Carol Magill

Network Manager

CIM Ireland

Board Member - USEL

Lynsey Cunningham The Future of Marketing

Opening Address:

Lynsey Cunningham

Regional Director - Entrepreneurship

Royal Bank of Scotland

& Ulster Bank

Riki Neill The Future of PR

The Future of PR:

Riki Neill


RNN Communications

Tim Monroe The Future of Marketing

The Future of PR:

Tim Monroe

Marketing Director

Smiley Monroe

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Exclusive Content Videos

Watch our exclusive content videos with our speakers providing a preview of what they will feature in their presentations at The Future of Marketing: Part 1.

The Future of: Customer Experience

We're delighted to welcome Paul James from Ardmore Advertising to our event. Watch the video below for a preview of Paul's presentation which will cover how you can use Facebook Messenger as a channel to expand the reach and engagement of your campaigns and steal a march on your competition.

The Future of: Data

We'll also be joined by Fiona Rooney, Managing Director of Ipsos MORI in Northern Ireland. Watch the video below to find out what Fiona will be covering in her presentation to the event. 

Fiona will be showing us how we can use custom consumer insights to help inform our decisions about new product development, new market entry and our key marketing messages.

The Future of: Boardrooms

For The Future of Boardrooms we'll be joined by Eileen Mullan - founder of Strictly Boardroom and The Boardroom Apprentice.

Eileen will talk to us about how these initiatives seek to equip those identified with boardroom potential with the skills required to thrive in the boardroom environment and add real value to the organisations that we inhabit.

Anyone that has seen Eileen speak will testify to the quality of her presentations and the inspiring personal story that is sure to leave a mark on anyone who comes along.

Eileen is a TedX speaker and appeared at Stormont in 2016 - if you weren't there or aren't one of the lucky ones who has seen her presentation then grab yourself a tea or coffee and sit back and watch the video of her presentation below.

The Future of Automation

We are joined by Michael Carlin - CEO of Zymplify for The Future of Automation session.

In his presentation Michael will outline how Marketing Automation can be used as a means of creating more effective, integrated campaigns across a variety of channels.

His presentation will also show how by bringing all your analytics and user information into one, easy to use, real time dashboard you are able to stop looking at your analytics in the rear view mirror and start to make decisions in real time about how to optimise your campaigns for maximum return on your marketing investment.


If you're currently working in marketing or communications and would like to clear the fog, reduce the noise and navigate a path to success in this new world then The Future of Marketing: Part 1 is the event for you.

All our contributors have been carefully chosen to ensure you leave armed with the knowledge you need to move your own career and your organisation forward.

A combination of:

Real life case studies from businesses like yours

Interactive Discussions Sessions

Workshops with your peers

ensures you make the most of the opportunity that The Future of Marketing: Part 1 represents for you and your business.

Tuesday 15th May 2018:

9am: Registration

9.30am-12.30pm: Morning Session

12.30pm-1.15pm: Lunch & Networking

1.15pm-4.30pm: Afternoon Session

**Hours are subject to change. Please check back for updates.


Entrepreneur Accelerator: The Belfast Hub

6th Floor, Lombard House

10-20 Lombard Street, Belfast, BT1 1RD

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We're delighted to bring you The Future of Marketing: Part 1 in Association with

Ipsos MORI Future of Marketing