Building a Facebook following of 400k

For the first video in a new interview series we sat down with Stevie Haughey, Founder of Ireland Before You Die to talk about how he built a Facebook following of 400,000 and what he learned along the way.

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BlueSky Thinking: Episode 1

BlueSky Thinking is a new series that forms part of our Interview Series and for the first episode we sat down with Stevie Haughey, Founder of Ireland Before You Die.

BlueSky Thinking is an opportunity for our guests to let off steam about something that gets on their berves, winds them up or even inspires them every day.

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Recruitment Marketing Case Study

Founder of The Future of Marketing event series and BlueSky Video Marketing, Peter Craven, delivered a presentation at the official launch of the recruitment platform at W5 in January 2019.

His presentation outlined a recruitment marketing case study and you can watch the full presentation below.

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The Future of Customer Experience

This video features Paul James talking about his presentation at The Future of Marketing: Part 1 in May 2018.

Paul outlines the subject of his presentation which focused on the use of Facebook Messenger as an effective tool for maximising engagement and conversion rates from marketing campaigns.

The Future of Data

Fiona Rooney is Managing Director at Ipsos MORI in Northern Ireland who were the sponsors of the first event in May 2018.

Fiona's presentation at the event focused on how we can use data to understand what makes our customers happy and in this video she outlines what she was going to cover during her presentation.

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